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One Big Happy Family


One Big Happy Family - GraciaxMaesxRoyxRiza
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This is a community for showing the love for any combination of the OT4 - Gracia/Maes/Roy/Riza. That means you can post fanart, discussion, fanfiction, icons, whatever - about ANY COMBINATION of the OT4. I mean it. As long as two or more of those four characters are involved, it's postable.

If any character bashing goes on, or flaming, or wanking, or non-OT4 pairings that goes on forever (now trust me, we love Ed/Winry and Ling/Ran Fan just as much as you, but this is for the OT4) - I may or may not bother with a warning before I ban you, depending on my mood that day. So, it would be wise just not to do it in the first place, yes?

Important: We anticipate a good deal (read: 98%) of the material posted on this community to be not suitable for children under the age of 17 (or whatever the age is in your country when you're allowed to legally view porn *Grin*). However, we've left everything up to the honor system. If you're determined to read stuff you're too young to read, chances are you're not going to let a little thing like real birth dates get in your way. We all know about fake ID's, right? So enforcing that probably wouldn't do us any good. So here's the deal: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HONESTY. We ask that you not get us in trouble by doing stuff you're too young to do, but if you insist, we wash our hands of you. We're not liable. We've told you to stay out, and it's your decision whether you do or not. After all, that's what all good adults do anyway, right? Make decisions and pay the consequences.

Here are some basic rules of courtesy, though: If you're posting something large (ie, a fic longer than 100 words or a picture or a post with lots of icons), please put it behind an LJ-cut. If you're posting something that isn't work safe - behind an LJ-cut. If you're in doubt of whether it should go behind a cut or not - IT SHOULD.

Now, with that said: Go forth and have fun!